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Hey! I'm Jerry

My name is Jerry Hammack. If you need a mix with the warm, analog vibe of The Beatles, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, AC/DC, or one of the fantastic one-hit wonders of the 60s and 70s, then you've come to the right place!

My focus is to give you the classic pop and rock mixes your music deserves.

My decades of work as a musician, producer, arranger, audio engineer and mix engineer and as the author of The Beatles Recording Reference Manuals has provided me with complex understanding of classic recording and mixing tools, techniques, and philosophies.

I've created mixes for artists ranging from Sub Pop alumni to Choir! Choir! Choir! with The Barenaked Ladies to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and independent artists galore.

Let me give you that warm, dynamic, analog sound that defines the best classic rock and pop of music's most influential decades.

What I Do

Classic, radio-ready mixes - nothing more & nothing less

The best of both worlds - Pro Tools mixing with a classic studio vibe

Helios, REDD, Neve, SSL, Trident...I can put your mix into the classic studio emulation that suits it best, with history's greatest outboard gear. Every song is treated with a fresh perspective – no assumptions or template solutions. I listen carefully to your hard work and formulate an approach to make the most of your vision. No shortcuts – no half-measures. From drums to guitars, bass, keys, vocals and more, I work hard to bring your work to its fullest realization. Your songs will be radio-ready!

Come & Get it - What's included

  • Review – The first step is to listen to any rough mixes you've made and consult with you to understand your vision for your music. What great classic music does it bring to mind? How can I bring those qualities to life for you?
  • Gain staging – Digital recordings need headroom. Proper gain staging provides both headroom (required for the proper application of effects and later, mastering) and clarity to your mix.
  • EQ – I get rid of the mud and confusion and bring out the best characteristics of each and every part of your song.
  • Compression – Whether your tracks need evening out, punch or presence, I apply compression carefully to insure each performance rings true.
  • Effects processing – In line with your goals, I use delay, reverb and all kinds of intentional sweetening tools that unify your tracks and bring both interest and cohesion to your song.
  • Automation – With automation, the right sounds happen at the right times to capture the listener's imagination and draw them deep into your musical world.

Sorry, I don't do that*

  • Editing
  • Pitch correction
  • Vocal, Drum or other tightening/ MIDI or instrument replacement
  • Comping of multiple takes
  • Mastering

Why don't I edit? The real answer is that it's a tedious process that doesn't make the best use of my skills. Trimming tracks, adjusting pitch, comping a final take...These are creative decisions you need to make before you mix – not during. Be sure the tracks you send to me are edited before you engage me and you'll get the absolute most from my services.

If it's mastering you need, I can refer you to top global talent for that job. I want the best for your music. Drop me a note if you need mastering services.

*Okay, I actualy DO do that, but it's not included in the mix rate. Let me know if you need those services too.

Unlimited revisions!

Mixing doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's a collaborative effort. Your feedback is essential to me in giving you the great mixes you are looking for. Your mixes start with three passes at each song: My original mix, and two revised mixes from your comments.

Once I understand your goals and vision for the music, I give you my all the first time around, then make adjustments based on your feedback for the next two passes (if needed). You can be sure your opinions and preferences will show up in your final mix.

But wait - what if something still isn't quite right? That's not a problem when you work with me. I provide UNLIMITED revisions if that's what it takes for you to be happy with your mix.

Money, money, money, money...MONEY!

I work with numerous emerging and independent artists and understand money is often an issue. Once the scope is clear, you'll get a price and terms for your project with no surprises. Whether it's a single song, an EP, or an album project, that's my commitment to you. Yes - you CAN afford it.

Recent Works

They POP! They SIZZLE! They break your heart. Check out some of my mixes

Human Radio

You & Me & The Radio

You & Me & The Radio - Straight-up rock-n-roll! (.WAV file will download and/or play in new window depending on your broswer)

Throttle Body MC

She Doesn't Seem To Be That Nice Of Girl

She Doesn't Seem To Be That Nice Of Girl - A Beatles-esque rocker, clean and sweet (.WAV file will download and/or play in new window depending on your broswer)

The Fuzz


Wilt - Slices of ferocious punk, shards of psychobilly, and strong doses of straight-up rawk (.WAV file will download and/or play in new window depending on your broswer)

Swedish Finnish

Rainy Daydream

Rainy Daydream - Hypnotic pop (.WAV file will download and/or play in new window depending on your broswer)

A splendid time is guaranteed for all...

Postitive relationships and great results are my top goals


Jerry was the producer/mixer on the very rocking 'Best Kept Secret' by The Fuzz and the very pop 'Swedish Finnish', both released on Green Monkey Records. The albums capture the true essence of both bands and they sound great!

Author image
Tom Dyer Green Monkey Records

There's no one else I trust with my mixes more than Jerry. He always brings his best to my songs, which means I always bring the best to my fans.

Author image
Rod Moody The Fuzz, Swedish Finnish

Jerry is dedicated to making my music sound amazing. His focus is always on the songs and the results speak for themselves. You can't go wrong if he's mixing your tunes.

Author image
Aaron Taylor Jealous Dogs, Radio Nationals, Survey Cez

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